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I do love a cookie with raspberry jam. The first year there were thumbprints, last year were linzers, and this year jam tarts. The best. It’s funny – the basic dough and the raspberry jam is the same in all the recipes but a few different ingredients in each batch yields completely different cookies. That’s the cool trick about this whole thing. Maybe you should think about doing nothing but raspberry jam cookies this year. I’d be good with that. So, given my fondness of raspberry jam, I threw another one in this round, one that was more raspberry focused and with almonds, because that is the best combination. Today for Day 4, we have Almond Raspberry Strips.   (more…)


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I have a soft spot in my heart for old school American Chinese restaurants. They are the food of my childhood, serving up comforting favorites like crispy egg rolls, chop suey and day-glo orange sweet and sour pork. Theses restaurants may not have been authentically Chinese but they served up some delicious food and the Ho-Wah in Phoenix Arizona was no exception. It is long gone but is, to this day, the standard by which I judge all American Cantonese restaurants. A storefront with an old neon sign and a very particular typeface will stop me in my tracks every time. The food may be hit or miss but when I’m lucky enough to find a good one, it brings me right back to those childhood meals at Ho-Wah and I’m happy.


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