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1popsicles.lrg.IMG_7818There’s been a vegan/raw chocolate mousse recipe making the rounds that derives its creaminess not from dairy or whipped egg whites but from avocados.  Right.  I’ve never made nor tasted it but have always looked upon it with a half-cocked eye, dubious of the flavor.  I am steeped in tradition and a proper mousse contains melted chocolate enriched with yolks, whipped egg whites and full fat cream. One of my favorite Parisian meals was capped by a towering bowl of chocolate mousse, doled out by an aproned waiter in enormous spoonfuls.  I can guarantee there was no avocado in that mousse.  But I’ve come around on my thinking having since made an avocado based popsicle.  They’re rather delicious and quite surprising.



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