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The floodgates are open.  I’ve been back in the country two months and it’s been non-stop, full speed ahead ever since.  Double shifts, personal commitments, a ton of travel and frankly a whole lotta crap since then.  My apartment looks like it’s been ransacked.  I’ve broken three suitcases in two months, a sure sign that the travel gods are telling me to stay home.  Throw in the holidays and all that entails and I’m a mess.  I’ve cooked non-stop but nothing really for myself, for this blog.  I gotta get on it.  There’s been some cool stuff too but no time to write about it… Epcot Food & Wine Festival, cooking for a sweeeeet benefit in New Orleans, a fried chicken tour, plus so many more adventures in Thailand to share.  Oh another time; I’ll get to it at some point.  For now, let’s talk snacks.  Specifically cheesy, puffy cocktail-y snacks.  The fancy frenchy name?  Gougeres, of course.


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