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Just before Christmas, I stopped by a favorite restaurant to visit friends and drop off some Christmas cookies.  I was immediately struck by the buzz of a busy restaurant kitchen, a few hours before service.  It’s a buzz that I love, am in awe of and miss sometimes.  CCR (that would be Credence Clearwater Revival, Mom) was blaring in the background while the chef was efficiently breaking down a pig, humming.  The sous chefs were working through their prep lists, keeping an eye on three things at once while singing along.  The energy was high, the vibe was comfortable and easy, laughter was frequent and it was a great place to be.  I miss working in a restaurant kitchen sometimes; that energy and camaraderie while getting ready for service.  As I drove away, I realized I was humming “Run Through the Jungle” and started thinking about how music can really help to set a mood.  Then I looked down at the massive pig leg, aka fresh ham, in the passenger seat and laughed out loud.  But that’s another story for another time.



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