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I was in a small pub in Chipping Camden the evening before a week long hike through the English countryside.  I was tired, having spent the better part of that day trying to get from London to this little village at the start of the trailhead.  I had convinced myself that a hike along the Cotswold Way would be a great thing, a wonderful solo adventure with everything I needed for the week in a small daypack.  The Plan was to hike between several small towns, enjoy the scenery and my own company, stopping each evening at small bed & breakfasts and pubs.  But first, I had to get to the damn trailhead.  It had been a challenge but after two trains, a bus and many curious looks I found myself deposited, slightly disoriented, smack dab in the middle of what looked like a movie set of a typical country village.  I had hoped to start hiking that afternoon but as with most best laid plans, it didn’t quite work out that way.  It was rainy, a little chilly and I stumbled upon what was to be the first of many picturesque pubs in the middle of somewhere.  Hiking would have to wait until tomorrow.  A few pints of ale and a hearty shepherd’s pie did much to improve my mood.  Feeling warm and fuzzy and not quite ready to venture out into the rain, I ordered a dram of something burning and perused the dessert list.  The usual suspects:  sticky toffee pudding, some kind of custard, an apple cake.  And Banoffee Pie.  Banoffee?  What the hell was that?


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