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I was rushing to get out of town and was working on cleaning out the fridge.  Getting rid of the perishable stuff was easy, if disheartening, but the more I dug, the more intrigued I became.  Where’d all this stuff come from?  I am a collector of stuff – umpteen condiments, bottles of wine, cheese, fat.  Yeah, fat.  I was sort of dazzled with my inventory of fats.  Get this.  I currently posses:  unsalted regular butter, a pound of Plugra butter, salted Irish butter, a tub of “summer” butter from the farmers market, a 3lb tub of organic lard, a shortening stick tucked in the door, and the piece de resistance, a small tub of duck fat.  Wow.  I’m kind of impressed with myself.  Why the hell do I have four kinds of butter?  Between that and the 9 opened jars of jams and pickles (all my own), I am a complete nutbag.  But there, way in the back, tucked behind the lard, were two pints of blueberries and raspberries.  They looked a little neglected but not quite trash worthy.  Yet.  Usually, if I remember they’re there, I’ll throw them in the freezer.  Not this time.  I needed to deal with them pronto.  Ahhhh … perfect subjects for my great cobbler experiment.


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