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1tower.lrg.IMG_6535Last Friday was World Nutella Day and according to the internet, nearly every day of the year has something delicious attached to it, sometimes more than one per day, week and month. I’ve always been intrigued by these “food holidays” and wondered how they come to be. How does February become “National Cherry Month” when cherries really aren’t in season until June or July? Or who decides that February 7 is National Fettuccine Alfredo Day? And why? A little research revealed that one can petition various government institutions – local, state and federal – for special days. Individuals, trade associations or PR firms can file a petition to honor all sorts of things – industries, professions, even hobbies. There may even be duplicates, which is why there are two National Guacamole Days during the year, authorized at different levels of government. Which is good because as we all know, one Guacamole Day certainly isn’t enough. I really hope these petitions stay at the local level, as I hate to think of the POTUS taking time out from his/her day running the country to commemorate special events for guacamole, alfredo or cherries. I shudder at the thought.



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