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Pumpkin.  Oh pumpkin.  It’s inevitable this time of year.  Is it possible to make it through these few months without seeing pumpkin in everything?  I doubt it.  Pumpkin pie, cheesecake, pot de crème. Pumpkin soup, ravioli.  You find it bruléed and puréed.  See it roasted and toasted.   (I’m on a roll here.)  And the thing is … I’m kind of indifferent to it all.  Pumpkin schmumpkin.  That said, it’s odd that to this day I still crave one particular thing that I haven’t had in easily 20 years.  Smitty’s pumpkin spice donuts.  My kingdom for one of those donuts.


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IMG_1659Every summer, a group of friends and I head up to a cabin in Wisconsin for a much needed, long awaited weekend of … not  a hell of a lot.  That’s the whole point.  It’s a uniquely nutty place that I’ve come to really enjoy, despite the fact that the plumbing is rather unusual, the weather usually stinks and I turn into a complete slug.  In fact, we’ve created our own verb to describe the trip.  We go “cabining” and it is fantastic. (more…)

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