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There are chocolate people; there are vanilla people.  And then there’s me.  I am firmly, proudly and happily a caramel person. There is nothing I adore more than a rich, buttery caramel.  Oh my.  As a kid, I was all about See’s Vanilla Caramels and always got a box on special occasions.  No nuts, no chocolate, no marshmallow – just sweet, delicious caramel.  I would save, hide and hoard that box to make them last as long as possible. When See’s changed the recipe and added nuts, it was over.  I ended my long relationship with that little box.  They just weren’t the same and I went without for a long while.  It was a sad time.  At some point, I realized I could just make them myself.  That was a banner moment.  A triumph, in fact.


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