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Not long ago I met a few friends for breakfast to catch up and it turned into an all day affair. We started with pancakes, spent a big part of the day in a coffeeshop and ended with wings and beers. It was a damn delight. At one point somewhere in the middle of it all, I was waning a bit – it happens – and needed a boost. It was fortuitous that I was sitting in a coffeeshop. I’m not generally a coffee drinker so I ordered a chai, made with oat milk because yes, I am on that bandwagon. Throwing caution to the wind I had the barista throw in a shot of espresso to perk me up. Yes, I ordered what is known as an oat milk Dirty Chai. Never before has a more trendy hipster drink been ordered. Never before have I ordered such a trendy hipster drink. But hear me out: it was absolutely delicious. Yeah, I had a few. It was a long day.


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