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Here we are, Day 5 of the 12 Day of Cookies. Today it’s something a little different – meringues, specifically a meringue with the flavors of masala chai. 15 pounds of butter has passed through my kitchen in the last two weeks alone, which isn’t all that unusual but maybe it’s time for a short break. This recipe is butter-free, not something you often see in a holiday cookie recipe and is a fairly simple combination of egg whites, sugar and spices. They also are not peppermint, something I find hard to avoid in a holiday meringue, yet still fall within the festive thematic with the winter-y spices. They’re a satisfying and crunchy counterpoint to all that chocolate, butter and salty caramel on the holiday cookie platter and unusual enough to be special. Because special is necessary criteria for a holiday cookie. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is not the time for a chocolate chip cookie. No.



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