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Cheese glorious cheese.  So delicious and … scrumptious.  I’ve always been the queen of jingles.  Knew them all when I was a kid.  Libby’s on the label.  Colby, swiss and cheddar, blended all together.  Weekends were made for Michelob.  I could play that last one on my kid sister’s toy xylophone when I was ten.  Classy.  But there’s a ring of truth to that first little ditty – cheese IS so delicious and scrumptious, especially when it’s all warm and melty.  Really … when is that not good?

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When I was in bread class in culinary school, I was continually amazed at what we could crank out in 3 hours each Sunday.  There was usually a semi-frantic juggling of starters, bigas, half risen dough, baguettes needing spritzing in the oven, brioche needing attention in the proof box; this and that on every available surface plus a little dash of competitiveness among my classmates to make some good bread.  I, in particular, got a bit wiggy about making perfect slits on the top of my baguette.  But somehow we pulled it off and made some beautiful bread and loaded up on carbs at the same time.


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