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I just returned, oh a week or so ago, from a long trip to Thailand.  It was fantastic.  Absolutely fantastic.  Everything about the country is wonderful and beautiful – the terrain, the people and oh god, the food.  I cannot say enough about the food.  It was damn near impossible to get a bad meal.  Everything, and I mean everything from fancy hotels to local restaurants to street carts was amazing.  But I have this thing; this sort of food A.D.D.  Sometimes when I travel for a long time I need to mix it up, need to have something a little different no matter how good the local cuisine.  It happened after a few weeks in Italy (a rather interesting foray into Chinese.)  It happened again after some time in France (a happy trial of African food.)  There was that interesting meal in Spain, again Chinese and rather porky.  I’ve even a little ashamed to admit popping into a McDonald’s once or twice for a salty crunchy fry fix (Gah!)  And it happened in Thailand.  With Mexican.  Oh yeah, I went there.


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