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Why don’t people make cakes from scratch anymore? Not big fancy, special occasion type cakes but every day kind of cakes. They’re so much easier than their flashy counterparts and such a treat to have around the house. I’m talking about the kind haphazardly wrapped on the kitchen counter from which tiny wedges disappear throughout the day. The type that goes beautifully with your afternoon tea or suffices as breakfast-on-the-go in the car. A few posts ago I made an angel food cake and wished I had a coffee klatch to kvetch with over a piece of cake. I’ve never even been to a coffee klatch but I know this cake would have been perfect. Klatch-less, I ended up eating most of it myself. I couldn’t help it; the cake was delicious. It got me to thinking about other cakes like this, recipes some might consider old fashioned and many have forgotten.


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