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France was in the air this weekend. I had friends over for the latest Sunday Lunch and this time, I paid homage to my French friends with a big beautiful cassoulet in the very special Not Freres Poterie terra cotta cassole I lugged through three airports on my return home.  I also took the opportunity to serve some of the luscious tinned duck tidbits I purchased this summer in the heart of canard country.  While traveling through Southwest France, I amassed a large collection of bits and pieces preserved in duck fat in the trunk of my rented Renault. Part edible souvenirs and part fascination, they were simply things I couldn’t pass up – cans of confit duck gizzards, foie gras stuffed duck hearts, duck confit, duck rillettes.  Tasty stuff and the single reason I paid an exorbitant overweight baggage fee at Charles de Galle.  No time like the present to use them and this was a crowd of happy and eager eaters.  It was a fabulous afternoon/evening of good food, laughter and many, many bottles of wine.  Exactly what I envisioned this lunches to be when I started.


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