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Here we are, Day 6 of the 12 Days of Cookies and halfway through this little project of mine. So far, we’ve had Pretzel Caramel Shortbread, Fig Mezzaluna, Dutch Windmills, Bourbon Peach Rugelah and Chai Spiced Meringues. A nice combination of flavors and textures if I do say so. So what’s up for today? Why Almond Joy Bars, of course. A bar cookie, the savoir of extreme cookie baking, with a fudgy, nutty base layer and a coconut topping inspired by a favorite candy bar. This past Halloween, I noticed something I hadn’t before as I was munching on leftover candy. I always associated the difference between a Mounds Bar and an Almond Joy to be an almond. You know, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t? Turns out, and probably everyone else in the world noticed this but me, a Mounds is enrobed in dark chocolate while an Almond Joy is in milk chocolate. Where the hell have I been? This is honestly news to me. Good lord, I really need to work on my powers of observation. Regardless, I truly like them both though, if given a choice, I’ll take the nut. That’s just how I roll.


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