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Yesterday was Pi(e) Day and, like many, I felt the need to make a pie. There were, however, a few hitches in my plan. First, I got a late start on the process so any hope of a Pi(e) Day post on the actual Pi(e) Day was quickly off the table. Whatever. Second, I spent the weekend working the International Housewares Show with a friend and my refrigerator was packed to the gills with the leftovers from our demos, a helluva lot of meat in this case. Beef, pork, chicken; it was all there in ridiculous quantities. As much as I like a good meat pie, this was not the time to figure that one out. Pushing the meat aside, I took stock of the rest of my fridge contents. Slim pickings. Eggs, of course. Two sticks of butter but not much else in terms of dairy unless I counted some rather questionable looking cheese. Some random vegetables, a few better looking than others. Condiments galore. I really didn’t want to go to the store. This was going to be interesting.



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