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Day 4 of the 12 Days of Cookies is … rugelah! Can you really have a holiday cookie project without addressing rugelah? Oh I think not and it an absolute must for Hanukkah, which starts today. A fruity or nutty filling spiraled within an impossibly tender cream cheese dough that both delights and aggravates. Cream cheese doughs are notorious for warming up impossibly fast and mastering one is a badge of courage. All that said, it’s well worth the effort and I can easily devour these treats by the dozen. In this case, I went for a fruity filling spiked with some booze. ‘Til the season, right? The idea of peaches, while not very wintery, appealed to me because I became a little fixated on the idea of working bourbon into this cookie and to my mind, peaches go beautifully with bourbon. C’mon, you know they do.


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