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Fall.  Autumn.  Whatever it’s called, it’s my favorite time of year.  Growing up in Arizona, we didn’t have much of a fall season.  In fact, I think Arizona has only two seasons that don’t necessarily correspond with the traditional winter, spring, summer, fall. (Side note:  how do you not sing James Taylor right there?)  In Phoenix it’s simply  hot and hotter so when I moved to the Midwest, this seasonal thing was a bit of an adjustment.  Seasons?  Winter??  What the hell?  I was never dressed correctly; either too hot or too cold.  Never had my umbrella at the right time, or the correct footwear.  To my chagrin, I started paying attention to the weather report daily, something I hadn’t done in all my 22 years.  But I adjusted.  Eventually.  Now I look forward to Indian Summers, the tree outside my living room window turning a gorgeous shade of yellow and college football tailgates wearing something other than shorts and a tank top (though daytime football is still very strange to me.)



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