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green city 8-8-09

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working my friend Pete’s Seedling farm stand at the Chicago Green City Market so I haven’t had much time to shop for myself.  This weekend, I made sure to hit a few vendors early and quickly stock up on a few things.  Right now, the markets are full of beautiful gorgeous things.  Since I had to be quick about it, I adopted a speedy hit-and-run approach as I darted from table to table.   (more…)

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bowl 'o cherries.lrgI love sour cherries.  Seriously, next to fresh peaches they are the best thing on earth.  You have to move quickly – they’re only around in farmers markets for about 2-3 weeks in mid-late July.   (more…)

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chino farms.lrg

Last week, I took some time to visit with friends and family in San Diego. It was such a treat to leave cold and rainy Chicago for sunny and (sort of) warm SD.  Only problem is that I always kind of space out while packing.  I think BEACH BEACH BEACH and completely forget that it gets a bit chilly.  I never pack appropriately. What a dope.


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