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Walking through the produce section last week, I gasped when I saw them. Figs! Last summer I made something really delectable with figs off my friend Kate’s backyard tree.  Let’s do it again!  And then it hit me.  This time last year, I wasn’t looking at figs in a grocery store.  I was in Gascony picking them off a tree.  A wave of melancholy rushed over me.  There would be no trip to France this summer.  I’m up to my eyeballs in a new job, treading water while I figure out what I’m doing and adjusting with a little difficulty to a new schedule.  But I could make those figs again, and pretend for just a little bit.  Maybe I could trick myself into thinking I’m on that terrasse, scratching an enormous dog between his wiry ears with one hand, balancing a glass of cold rosé and a bit of saucisson in the other while big fat duck breasts sizzle in a pan.  It could work.  For a few seconds anyway.


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