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This cake is for my Mom. Though polarizing to some, we share a love of coconut especially a good cake, cream pie and those old-fashioned macaroons that our old neighborhood grocery store used to have.  I’ll figure those out one day. We live 2000 miles apart and sometimes have a rather complicated relationship but that doesn’t diminish my love for her.  She’s a great woman and raised two really fantastic, independent, successful and funny daughters.  She’s influenced a lot of who I am today, so this little coconut number is for you lady.  It’s a lot fancier than the coconut cake I shipped across the country for her birthday many years ago and I think she’d really enjoy it. In fact, I know she’d enjoy it.  I fully expect to hear from her about this matter – while she’ll appreciate the thought I’ve presented here, I don’t think she’s going to care much for a “virtual cake.”  Ha!  Fact is, I’ve had an itch to make a layer cake or three ever since I saw this, and the timing was perfect.  Happy Mother’s Day Mom!


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