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This weekend was my friend Meme’s annual Holiday Cookie Exchange and it was as lovely as ever.  This is always quite the to-do, with more than a few pastry chefs in attendance so you know the offerings will be pretty good, but it’s also important to show well.  I mean, these are my peers.  I can’t show up with a crap cookie.  The horror.  In years past, I’ve made ridiculous cookies.  Last year I carefully candied thin kumquat slices to top buttery sable cookies.  It took a million hours and was beyond ridiculous but they were beautiful and rather delicious.  This year, I knew my cookies were good, very good in fact, (I made these) and holiday appropriate with a really great ginger bite, but they were rather plain looking.  Even I was underwhelmed.  So that morning, I decided to up the ante and get crafty.  I would make the platter upon which these cookies would rest.  Yep.  I made a platter.



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