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It’s Easter Sunday and to celebrate, I made Crème Eggs.  You know the ones – milk chocolate with a super sweet creamy sugary filling inside, a bit of it tinted yellow to look like a yolk?  Yep, those!  They’re kind of polarizing, I’ve discovered.  Some people wait all year for their arrival; others cringe.  But to make them yourself?  Well that’s just crazy, right?  Perhaps.  I’ve gotten all kinds of comments on this one.  First, there’s the look that says “Why??” as in “Why would you bother?”  Then there’s the look of surprise, as in, “You MADE that?” and the delighted giggles that follow.  This happens to me a lot and as you can imagine, I much prefer to associate myself with the later group.  Afterall, if you’re going to go to the trouble to make molded chocolate Easter eggs, you want someone to appreciate them.


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