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We covered cookbook suggestions earlier in the week so today, let’s discuss homemade gifts.  Now I know we all slave over these things but let’s be aware that the giving part can go one of two ways.  What you hope for is that the item you’ve stressed over and carefully packaged is warmly greeted with a big smile of appreciation.  Or it can go the other way, where the recipient looks at you blankly and puts the jar on a side counter where you know it will be forgotten.  The later is heartbreaking because you think that thing you put so much time, thought and energy into is fabulous and want everyone to feel the same.  This is not always the case.  The first thing to understand fully during this holiday season:  know your audience.  Not everyone appreciates or understands or even wants a homemade gift.  And that’s OK.  It’s not a judgement against your skills, your kindness or even your worth as a human being.  Those are simply the people who get that $8 bottle of prosecco from Trader Joe’s.  Don’t sweat it.  You’ll both be much happier for it.  Save your special treats for those that will appreciate them.



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