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The first time I tasted kimchi, that infamous spicy fermented pickled Korean condiment, I was in my early twenties and rather clueless about the whole thing.  In theory, I knew what kimchi was but as a Chicago born-Arizona bred-Polish girl, we hadn’t yet crossed paths.  An acquaintance had a highly coveted homemade jar of the stuff, scored from a distant Korean relative.  It had been buried – yes, buried – in a backyard for 6 months and was such a special treat he said, though I was skeptical.  As he opened the jar, I was hit with a thick cloud of … funk.  There is no other way to describe what assaulted my senses.  I involuntarily cringed as a forkful came my way – and believe me when I say that I, the brave eater, was a bit frightened.  I took a tentative bite and was completely off put.  The texture was mushy yet squeaky, the flavor unbelievably spicy and downright funky.  I didn’t particularly care for it in the least bit.


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