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The month of February always whispers chocolate to me, ever so gently and subtle and maybe a little mischievously.  There’s just something about this time of year, with its big bedazzled and festooned heart shaped boxes that makes me want chocolate all the time. And I’m not even a big chocolate person. So this month, with the exception of my last post (because it was Chinese New Year after all), is going to be all chocolate, all the time.  So let’s start off with hot chocolate. Warm, chocolate elixir to the gods. A really good hot chocolate that I made to warm me earlier this week during what I’m calling Snowtorious B.I.G – the whopper of a blizzard that hit Chicago. It was indeed a doozy. But can I share something wonderful? After the plows came through, I bundled up and psyched myself to shovel out my little marshmallow of a car. Standing there, not sure exactly how to start when the snow was up to the door handles, three guys offered to do it for me. No kidding. Done in 15 minutes flat and I sent them off with a pizza I had just made and my cherished New Glarus stash. My heroes! God, I love this town.



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