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For months I have been on the lookout for recipes that use miso, a lot if at all possible. About a year ago, I made some delicious chicken wings with honey, butter and a few spoonfuls of red miso in an effort to use of some miso I had on hand. You see, I have three tubs taking up space, one white, one red and one brown, leftover from a past consulting project and a year later the problem hasn’t diminished in the slightest. That miso is still there and though it will keep indefinitely properly wrapped, I don’t want to keep it indefinitely. Make soup, my friend said. It’s not a bad idea, the average miso soup recipe uses about ¼ cup, but I’m a little tired of soup. So instead, the tubs get shoved into a quiet forgotten corner until I move something and am confronted with their presence. Which is exactly what happened the other day. I need to deal with this stuff or toss it once and for all. It was time to start looking for some ideas.



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