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There is a well known store in Chicago, Garrett’s Popcorn, that you can smell blocks away. I’ve seen the look a million times, as tourists pop up their heads and look around trying to find the source of that magical scent, especially on a cold day. Garrett’s sell popcorn – buttered, cheese or caramel – but it is the caramel corn that draws you in. The buttery, caramelized scent will assault you in the best possible way. Caramel corn is like that; crunchy, darkly sweet, salty and completely addictive. For years I’ve been meaning to post a caramel corn recipe on Halloween and then it never seems to happen. Not this year. I was determined to do this. Maybe it’s all the post season baseball I’ve been watching and 7th Inning stretches I’ve sung but I wanted my peanuts and Cracker Jack.


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