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I have some very talented friends.  One, Chef Jared VanCamp, does amazing things with pork.  Lovely beautiful things.  This year he sold a limited number of house made hams and salumis for the holidays.  I, of course, bought a few things and oh my lord were they good.  Amazingly good.  That ham was a boneless cherry wood smoked wonder and the finocchio salumi was just fantastic.  But here’s the twist … me being me, I carried my special purchases along on the flight to Phoenix for the holidays.  Didn’t even think twice about it but apparently I have several friends who find this hysterical.  Oh sure, it may have caused some concern with TSA and perhaps an extra security screening during which I learned that hams look a little suspicious on the x-ray screen no matter their pedigree.  Whatever.  But what really sent my pals into fits of giggles is that I brought a chunk back with me.  I see absolutely nothing funny about this.  That was a damn good ham and it was coming home with me.



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