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After my last Sunday lunch, which was really neither of those things because it was actually dinner and on a Saturday, it took me a while to fully clean up.  Over the course of the week, I washed the dirty pots and dishes, sorted all the silverware, tucked away the tiny delicate digestif glasses and the endless parade of now clean wineglasses.  I put countless empty bottles in the recycling bin and stared at the Calvados, wondering if I’d ever really enjoy it’s fiery burn.  Sometimes I like the idea of something more than the reality.  But two bottles, each with a little wine in the bottom, continued to sit in the middle of the dining room table for nearly two weeks. I kept meaning to do something with them but as time went on, drinking wasn’t really an option.  So instead, I shuffled them around a few times until one day, I had an idea.  Poached pears.


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