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So here’s something new this year. I figure everyone could use some new holiday cookie recipes, ones with different textures and interesting flavors that may just become your family favorites. So starting today, with this post, I present to you “The Twelve Days of Cookies.” Twelve delicious cookie recipes to make your season bright. Twelve recipes that I’d never made before until I came up with this crazy idea. Twelve recipes that I started researching back in September but didn’t start testing until last week because, you know, why do something ahead when you can cram it into the last minute. As I type this, I’m not particularly happy with the last two so it’s with tightly crossed fingers that I get there. We might have to cut the advent short by two days and create a new holiday season altogether. But let’s not think about that right now. Instead let’s start with Pretzel Caramel Shortbread.


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