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I’ve done it again.  Overscheduled should be my middle name.  In an effort to corral all my lists together, I decided that I needed to work more efficiently and call upon the kindness of friends.  With 12 gingerbread houses looming on my horizon, I needed to make 18 batches of gingerbread pronto.  Listening to my home KitchenAid wheeze and cough on a single batch, I decided to call my friend Alekka and use the giant Hobart mixer in her shop.  Two big batches and 20 minutes later, I was done.  18 nice, tidy, saran wrapped packages carefully placed in a large box.  The trade-off?  Lunch.  Alekka wanted, of all things, lentil salad.  Fair enough.  Except I didn’t make her lentil salad.  I brought her kale and wheatberry salads instead.



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