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One of the problems with culinary school when I was a student, and I’m sure this is still the case, is that most of the classes are jam packed.  I might even call it “oversold.”  You’re fighting for space, equipment, oven racks, cooler shelves, the teacher’s attention and frankly, not everyone plays nice.  Not having a lot of practical real-world experience at that point, I didn’t see this for what it was:  foreshadowing.  I wish I could’ve sent a message to my future self:  get used to it.  Pastry stations are tiny in the real world, typically crammed into forgotten corners and we are constantly finagling oven space, moving things around in the walk-in and we really shouldn’t be surprised when our perfectly glazed cakes gets smushed by careless prep cooks.  But back then, coming from a well stocked home kitchen where I typically worked alone, I liked my space.  Princess.


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