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We are deep in the thick of things now. Christmas is next week. Gah! Right now, I’m staring at a pile of presents that somehow have to wrapped and shipped very very soon. I spent 6 hours this weekend packing up 58 cookie boxes to gift to friends and family. It is the single most despised thing I do over the holiday season, but it has to be done. Where are those Keebler elves when you really need them? Slackers. Additionally, I still have a few Christmas parties on the horizon that need hostess gifts. Bet you can guess what those will be. Cookies! As I put together my latest assortment, pulled from these 12 Days of Cookie doughs I have stashed in the freezer (a godsend if every there was one) I give thanks to another holiday classic: shortbread. How can you have a holiday cookie platter without a shortbread type of thing? You cannot.


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