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A few years ago, my sister and I joined our father on his annual pilgrimage to Alaska for the salmon runs.  This was hysterical on several fronts, not only because we hadn’t taken a “family vacation” in 25 years or that he asked us more than a year in advance (gotta plan!)  It was funny because when I was in junior high, he swore I’d never be allowed to go to Alaska with him.  It was strictly “for the boys.”  (Yes Dad, you did say that.)  More than 2 decades later, I still hadn’t forgiven him for this omission.  I’d conveniently forgotten the fact that I’m a horrid fisher, become as squirley as a 5-year old when required to sit still for extended periods of time and that he and I tend to argue quite a bit.  Hence the lifetime ban.  By the luck of the gods, he had obviously forgotten all this too and invited my sister and I along for some kind of adult family bonding session.


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