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Sweet.  Spicy.  Salty.  It’s an addictive combination.  Wait, let me clarify that.  It’s an additive combination when done correctly and by that, I mean striking a balance.  If the combination is off, all you get is spicy hot or sickening sweet and it’s just not good.  Even just a little salt can elevate something from mediocre to wonderful.  Take spiced nuts for example.  Ever sit at a bar, absently nibbling from some random bowl the bartender put in front of you?  Now think, have you ever absently nibbled, stopped for a moment and thought “Damn.  These are good.”  Probably not too often, huh?  But maybe once or twice?  And I bet in those one or two situations, you asked for more when your little bowl was empty?  Am I right?  (Or is that just me?)



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