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I’m drowning in stuff. Various recipe development projects have left me with bags, tins, jars and cans of ingredients that no matter how much I try to organize, end up in big piles every which way all over the place. I always seem to be looking for the one thing that isn’t where I think it is and create a disaster to be dealt with at a later date. My freezer isn’t much better with bits of this and that crammed into every available space. I seem to have stockpiled a lot of bacon in there. Is that a bad thing? A houseguest recently gave me a lot of s*%$ about this as she was trying to find space for a pint of ice cream. (It was tight, but we got it in there.) Then last week a bag of frozen peas catapulted itself at my head in an attempt to escape. Alright, message received. This food clutter needed to be dealt with, one item at a time. So I started with those peas. Baby steps.


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