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baked galette

About this time a few years ago, two very good friends and I took an amazing trip to Southwest France for my birthday.  One of them had a pal with a lovely home in the teeny town of Gayon, near Pau not far from the Pyreenes.  He very generously invited us to stay for a few days and we most certainly accepted.  Apparently, this lovely little home is also known as a chateau.  I know people who know people who own chateaux.  Fancy that! (more…)

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A while ago, I was enjoying a fabulous brunch amidst wonderful company and the topic turned to cooking, specifically baking.  My pals confessed to loving dessert and attempting to bake on occasion but a bit of a general unease when it comes to certain things like pie crust and other finicky recipes.  I told them tarts are the way to go, much easier than pies. (more…)

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