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When was the last time you had a bake sale?  Or bought something from one?  Every summer the kids down the block, smartly taking advantage of the drunken hordes on their way to/from Wrigley Field, set up a little lemonade stand with cookies.  Yeah, it may be instant Country Time and packages of Nabisco but I can’t walk by their earnest little faces without getting something.  They must have a helluva college fund by now.  But when I sit down and really think about it, I struggle to remember the last time I participated in a bake sale.  Junior high, maybe?  I think we were trying to raise money for our cheerleading uniforms and made chocolate chip cookies from a box mix.  I remember thinking back then, at the tender age of 12, why would you use a box mix for chocolate chip cookies?  But they sold crazy fast and I learned one of the key tenets of marketing that has served me well over the years – boys will buy anything.


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