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I’m back.  Took a little hiatus, sorry about that.  I didn’t really go anywhere; I’ve just finally managed to surface after the chaos that is the holiday season.  Well, you know what I’m talking about as I’m sure you went through it too.  For a while there, I was buried and everything, especially this blog, was pushed aside amongst cookie baking, gingerbread balloon making, shopping, wrapping and half hearted attempts at general merriment.  Yet somehow, I emerged inspired.  I should be exhausted but I’m unusually energized.  Fair warning:  this is usually when I do something stupid.  Like invite 6 friends over for New Year’s Eve knowing full well I have to work all day and won’t be home until 6pm.  Brilliant.  But I pulled it off and did it pretty well, methinks.  We had a grand ‘ol time!


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